About us

myownproperty.in was born out of a problem noticed by Rajeev Bhatia & Saksham Bhatia, two veteran professionals from real estate project financing industry. They realized there was over dependency of buyers and investors, in the real estate sector, on property listing portals and the brokers. Soon it became apparent that despite this dependency, neither the brokers nor the portals provided holistic information needed to make a well informed decision by home buyers and real estate investors.

This lead to an in- depth study and they found that the people used the portal only to the extent of narrowing down on few alternatives as they are mere listings. Due to the lack of information on these listing sites, the home buyers would normally end up playing into the hands of a broker. Seasoned buyers having a better grasp of the market, too end up in similar situation many a times due to lack of substantiated information. Further, various data points were missing which needs to be taken in account while making a buying decision for a house. Information related to builder, his past, present and future performance, the location, its proximity, its advantages, its accessibility, its future development, its political importance etc. along with the user feedback about the place, builder, neighbourhood, other amenities and much more, is key to making an informed decision.