Builder Rating : The 3C

Execution Capability: 4.5 out of 10 ( It denotes points earned compared to Total points possible over various parameters)

The score captures the volume of area completed by a builder versus the volume of area launched. Generally, highervolume launched and completed, the better the project execution capability of a builder. Besides, the rating takes into account the parameters below. Generally, a higher score in all the parameters indicates a better delivery record. However, a higher number of Projects launched and a lower number of projects completed indicates more of work in progress which may put a strain on builder's execution capabilities.
The projects are divided into phases. In a large project, a particular phase could be fully constructed with people already living there, at the same time, active construction work could continue in another phase.

  • Project Launched : 6
  • Project completed : 1
  • Phases launched : 7
  • Phases completed : 1
  • Percentage of towers completed Vs Launched : 26.85%

Project Launched vs state of completion

Projects Construction Stage
3c Lotus-Boulevard 0.00 %
3c The Lotus Zing 77.14 %
Lotus Panache 76.33 %
Lotus Panache Island 74.48 %
Lotus 300 80.94 %
3C Greenopolis 35.85 %

Adherence to Timelines -Timeliness Score: 35.5 out of 10 ( It denotes points earned compared to Total points possible over various parameters of timelines)

The score captures the average time difference between the launch and completion of all the projects by this builder. Generally, a smaller time between launch and completion indicates a quicker construction. However, time taken to complete a construction also depends upon the size of construction. These 2 parameters are combined to form this core.

Time difference between pre-launch and launch affects only the very early buyers, mainly investors.

  • Time taken for completion of property (depending upon number of stories in a tower and number of towers in a project).

Builtup Status with respect to ideal timeline
Projects (Phase) Actual Timeline Ideal Timeline
Under Construction Status with respect to ideal timeline
Projects Expected Timeline Ideal Timeline
3c The Lotus Zing ( Phase 1 ) 4.59 Years 6 Years
Lotus Panache ( Phase 1 ) 4.59 Years 6 Years
Lotus Panache Island ( Phase 1 ) 5.45 Years 5.5 Years
Lotus 300 ( Phase 1 ) 5.11 Years 6 Years
3C Greenopolis ( Phase 1 ) 4.25 Years 6 Years
Projects Status with respect to ideal timeline
Over All Project -100 %age OR nan Months behind schedule

2. Time difference between Pre-Launch And Launch

Projects Pre Launch Launch Date Time difference
3c Lotus-Boulevard 2009-05-01 2009-07-01 0.17 Years
3c The Lotus Zing 2010-07-01 2010-09-01 0.17 Years
Lotus Panache 2009-02-01 2009-03-01 0.08 Years
Lotus Panache Island 2010-05-01 2010-06-01 0.08 Years
Lotus 300 2010-10-01 2010-12-01 0.17 Years
3C Greenopolis 2012-06-01 2012-07-01 0.08 Years
Overall Avg. Project Time     503.28 Years
  • Time difference between launch and pre-launch : 2.5 out of 10

Price Movement -Appreciation Score : 1.7 out of 10 ( It denotes points earned compared to Total points possible over various parameters of price appreciation)

The score captures the various points of price movement covering all the projects of the builder during the construction and after completion. Since the appreciation rate generally differs significantly between under-construction and built-up properties, they have been divided at places.

  • Price difference between pre-launch and launch dates
  • Price difference between launch and possession dates
  • Price movement after completion of property
Projects Pre Launch Price(Primary Price) Launch Price (Primary Price) Possession Price(Secondry Price) Current Price (Secondry Price) %age price change (Annual)Pre Launch to Launch %age price change (Annual) Launch to Possession %age price change (Annual) After Possession
3c Lotus-Boulevard 0.00 7117.00 0.00 5500.00 0/1 -0/1 0/1
3c The Lotus Zing ( Under Construction ) 0.00 222.00 0.00 4900.00 0/1 -14/1 0/1
Lotus Panache ( Under Construction ) 0.00 8118.00 0.00 5365.00 0/1 -11/1 0/1
Lotus Panache Island ( Under Construction ) 0.00 8113.00 0.00 0.00 0/1 -13/1 0/1
Lotus 300 ( Under Construction ) 0.00 7092.00 0.00 6000.00 0/1 -14/1 0/1
3C Greenopolis ( Under Construction ) 0.00 6716.00 0.00 0.00 0/1 -18/1 0/1
Average price movement for all properties of this builder (Data is shown in aggregated form below and in individual form in the graphs)
Projects Average pre-launch to launch Average Launch to possession Average annual appreciation after completion
Builder 0/1 -11.67/1 0/1
Premium Score : 3.8 out of 10 ( It denotes points earned compared to Total points possible over various parameters of Premiumness)

The score captures the premium or discount that a builder charges over its properties when compared to average prices of the properties in the respective cities. The score breaks up the properties into under-construction and built-up ones since the prices of an under-construction property is generally lower than a similar built-up property in the same location. The score considers all the properties of the builder with the properties in the same location. Resale prices are used for calculation. Direct allotment prices are used only where resale price is not available..

Premium during Under Construction period

Projects/City Project Price City Price Percentage Difference
3c The Lotus Zing/Noida 3986.37 4278.96 -6.84
Lotus Panache/Noida 4128.04 4280.14 -3.55
Lotus Panache Island/Noida N/A 4276.78 N/A
Lotus 300/Noida 6074.57 4274.25 42.12
3C Greenopolis/Gurgaon 3932.05 7688.35 -48.86
Average   -4.2825

Premium after possession

Projects/City Project Price City Price Percentage Difference
3c Lotus-Boulevard/Noida 4133.38 4280.84 -3.44
Average  -3.44