Location Rating:- Sector 132

Cluster Noida Expressway, City Noida

METHODOLOGY : The rating broadly translates to liveability score of a location but with some difference.The liveability score or walk score measure the current ease of living in a location. This is covered in the Current Infrastructure and Organised Retail proximity parameters here. There are other parameters in this report which provide an insight beyond the walk score, which we believe are important to a country like India.

While you get an average rating for a location from the system, it is advisable to sort your rating based on any specific parameter that is important to you. For example, Organised retail Proximity could be most important to someone but to someone else, employment might be a more important concern. To someone else, growth of the location could be most important.

You have the option in the system to sort the ratings of different location based on individual parameter or the composite rating of a location. (coming soon)

Location Score : 7 out of 10 (It denotes the points earned over the total possible number of points)

Infrastructure of a location is rated based on its ranking in a city or a cluster. A top location or a cluster gets the highest rating followed by other locations. Similarly, employment opportunities are ranked based on quality and quantity of employment available in a location. Broadly speaking, this is further a derivative of the commercial absorption in a city or cluster.

Residential cost rating is defined as the percentile in which the location falls in a city. For example, if the lowest priced properties in a city trading at Rs.X per sqft, the highest priced ones at Rs. 5X per sqft, and the location in question trades at Rs.2.5X per sqft, then the location should ideally fall in the 50th percentile. This is important since the historical data shows that the properties in higher percentile have a tendency of providing higher growth as the economy grows.

Some of these parameters are also used to project the price movement expected in a location. Organized retail proximity provides a measure proximity of daily needs shops near a location.

Occupancy shows the occupancy of the completed units in a location. Higher the number, the better it should be. Location which tend to have lower occupancy, tend to show lower growth and saleability.

Special feature tries to consider any special upcoming activity that could affect the prospect of a location. For example, an upcoming metro station, an upcoming highway, etc.

These parameters are fed into the system and run through an algorithm to provide a current rating for a location. Some of these parameters are then used during the projection of prices of a location.

Attributes sector 132 Noida Expressway Noida
Road 0.00 0.00 0.05
Power 0.00 0.00 0.05
Drainage 0.00 0.00 0.05
Traffic 0.00 0.00 0.05
Law and order 0.00 0.00 0.05
Infrastructure 0.00 0.00
Connectivity 8.00 7.91 7.95
Transport 8.00 7.91 7.95
Future Infrastructure development 8.00 7.91 7.95
Organised Retail 7.00 6.92 6.97
Employment 0.00 0.00 0.03
Residential Cost Rating 0.00 0.00 0.00
Occupancy 0.00 0.00 0.00
Special Feature 0.00 0.00 0.00
Overall Rating 4.43 nan 4.42


Properties in This Cluster : Noida Expressway

Most Expensive Properties in this cluster: Noida Expressway

An average resale price of the most expensive properties in this cluster is provided here. It should give you an idea of the average price of expensive properties in this cluster (cluster of the sum of localities in a geographical location). It can also help you zero in over a specific property in a location or a cluster. A point to keep in mind: generally, the more expensive properties in a location or cluster tend to show higher value appreciation compared to less expensive ones.

Least expensive Properties in this cluster: Noida Expressway

An average resale price of least expensive properties in this cluster is provided here. This could help a prospective buyer decide upon a budget home in a location. The infrastructure and rating for all these properties shall be very similar to each other but the prices are on the lower side.

Value for money properties in this cluster: Noida Expressway

Projects Pricing Price Ranking Rating Rank Value
Logix Blossoms Green 3605 8 28 20
Lotus 300 6074.57 49 67 18
Mahagun Manorial 6341.94 52 70 18
Prateek Stylome 5834.88 47 65 18
Purvanchal Silver City 6145.39 51 69 18
Eldeco Utopia 6120.69 50 68 18

An average resale price of the best value for money properties is displayed here. This could be the most determining factor for a home buyer to look at. These properties have been filtered based on their individual project ratings and their individual resale prices. While, homestat.in algorithm works in the background to provide with the results, Generally speaking, the higher value for money properties are those where the project ratings are higher and the corresponding prices lower.

Comparison of price movement of locality and city including future projections

Details of properties in sector 132

The table below provides the number of units or properties being constructed and the number of units or properties that are ready to move-in in sector 132

No. of under Construction Unit No. of Built-Up Unit Total Unit
0 0 0
Configuration of Unit in location 2,3,4, Villa, Apt, Floor, ETC

Table Below provides the general preference for the number of bedroom units in sector 132

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BHK TYPE No. of Unit